Partners & Solutions

VDev has a very specific approach to working with partners. We have earned the trust of our customers by providing quality, proven technologies. We work alongside proven technology companies to help solve customer problems while creating more efficiencies within the workforce.

Data Solution

VDev offers an integrated data solution consisting of technologies Qlik and Paxata. The data system provides a more efficient process to pull, clean, prepare then visualize and analyze data. The system will save an organization time and avoid frustrations when trying to understand its own data. The outcome is better data faster while enabling dynamic analysis of critical enterprise data.


The amount of data continues to exponentially grow and organizations’ desire to better understand the “data” remains a top priority. The need to quickly determine what the data means to the mission or business is paramount.

VDev utilizes the Qlik platform for purposes of quickly analyzing enterprise data, creating reports to analyzing specific market segments, and to more efficiently understand relevant data…the Qlik platform simplifies the process for analyzing and visualizing massive volumes of data.


The analysis of any data depends completely on the quality and readiness of the data. Typically, an organization will take days or weeks to prepare data for analysis. VDev works with the Paxata data preparation platform to quickly clean, prepare and shape data prior to visualization and analysis.

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