Incorporated in 1999 with the first full year of business in 2000, Virtual Development Corporation (VDev) is a veteran owned small business. We began with a vision of building a reliable, experienced, customer focused, professional services company. Since our inception, that vision has not changed. VDev has a veteran team of technical experts who remain loyal to our company and customers. Our employee attrition rate is exceptionally low, providing customers with dedicated employees with unparalleled passion and expertise for VDev’s work.

VDev is a customer driven professional services company. We realize that when an organization excels at accessing mission critical data and managing the flow & retrieval of information, they are more effective in executing their specific mission and business objectives. We utilize a systems consulting approach when working with clients on assessing issues and determining objectives.

VDev is a team of dedicated data & technology specialists who have a passion for Information technology and take pride in delivering quality service – to our country and our customers!


Richard C. Garner – President. Rick Garner provides executive and corporate operations expertise as well as direct support for client engagements. Rick has worked in systems development, data services, maintenance and operations for over 20 years. These efforts have encompassed large-scale development projects, business process outsourcing and large-scale data management.

Monica Laquatra. Ms. Laquatra is the company Business Manager in Charge, with responsibility for all aspects of business administration. In addition Ms. Laquatra is the corporate Secretary/Treasurer.